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Working has never been so smart!

Flecto is an a Semi-automatic creasing machine with manual sheet feeding, designed for simple and efficient operation, capable of supporting intensive work runs. The machine ensures a wide range of paper formats and supports materials up to 400 g/m2. With a production capacity of up to 1500 sheets per hour, it guarantees high level performance. The creasing depth and the two matrix size are electrically selectable through the display, offering unparalleled flexibility.

Enhanced precision

The machine is equipped with dual side guides and a sheet skew adjustment for enhanced precision. The technology on board allows to reach a resolution of 0,1mm of the creasing tool setting.

Exclusive,smart and patented creasing tool!

To ensure maximum flexibility and speed when switching from one job to another, the machine is equipped with a creasing system that allows three levels of creasing pressure to be adjusted, in addition to a two-size creasing matrix that offers a choice depending on the paper thickness. Both adjustments are made through the touchscreen interface without any manual operation.

Creasing tool double thickness:

The patent creasing tool rotates on itself to adjust from narrow to large in less than one second

An intuitive interface is available through a 4.3” touchscreen display, which includes 6 pre-set customizable programs in addition to a fully customizable programming mode, each capable of managing up to 44 creases without restrictions on the minimum distance between creases.

Intelligence 4.0

Technology 4.0:

The software has been designed by Mamo to be continuously updated and in evolution with an interface graphic extraordinarily intuitive.

Productivity control:

he internal software constantly checks and monitors the productivity so that machine efficiency is permanently gauranteed. A real advantage.

Technical features

Min paper size 105x148 mm
Max paper size 450x999 mm
Min paper thickness 60 g/m2
Max paper weight/thickness 400 g/m2 or 0,4 mm
Job memory 20
Number of creasing step 44 per sheet
Min distance 1 mm
Creasing pressure 3 levels, electric adjustment on display
Creasing tool 2 matrix, electric adjustment on display
Perforation optional, rotative.
Delivery tray Extendable up to 750mm and tiltable in 4 positions
Delivery tray capacity 100 mm
Working speed up to 1500 sheets/hour
Precision +/- 0.1 mm
Power supply 115-230VAC – 50/60Hz
Electrical absorption 240 W
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1200 x 726 x 1179 mm
Weight 140 kg

Electrostatic and mobility

Thanks to the ESD wheels, peaks in tension are discharged in a controlled manner, without any consequences. Smart mobility increase worker productivity and more efficient space organization

Flexible tray:

An output tray that provides flexibility according to needs, offers the possibility of being extended and inclined.

Optional tools:

The machine can be equipped with optional tools like the rotary perforation.the creasing process.

don’t call it an

Call it Alo : an optional high suction paper feeder, which makes the creasing process automatic . Alo is so versatile that it can be used on Flecto but also on the Vela laminator. Equipped with precise air flow adjustments that allow to process even the most difficult cards electrostatically charged. The patented suction system optimizes the grip of the sheets, even with slippery papers, and operates with low noise, since it does not require a vacuum pump.
Alo can hold sheets up to 999mm in length and a stack height of 150 mm, increasing the versatility of the machine.