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Perfect binder

Working has never been so intuitive!

LIGO is the ideal solution for printing houses and digital print shops that need to manage the perfect binding of digital prints in-house. It uses EVA glue and has been developed to consistently ensure the highest quality in binding, even during intense and continuous operations. Using Taca Pro glue, it can effectively bind coated papers with weights up to 160 gsm. It supports binding with soft covers, hard cardboard covers (up to 2.8 mm thick), and notepad binding (coverless), with a block thicknesses ranging from 1 to 50 mm,

Your binding has never been so perfect

With LIGO, a perfectly squared spine is always guaranteed, regardless of the thickness of the book, pre-creasing is not necessary, thanks to the force applied by the cover clamp, which is fully adjustable from the touchscreen. The machine is equipped with both a notching tool and a milling blade to enhance glue adhesion or to separate the signatures before binding. All settings can be managed in a few seconds directly from the large and intuitive touchscreen display. LIGO automatically adjusts the work cycle speed based on the thickness of the inserted block to ensure correct notching and gluing (the depth of notching is managed by software).

Intelligence 4.0

The adaptive side gluers, automatically adapt to the book thickness and do not require any manual adjustment. Among the features of the new software, the possibility to obtain production reports and integrate the machine in an Industry 4.0 perspective. The innovative user interface allows an optimal user experience by guiding the operator in setting the optimal parameters required for each process with extreme ease.

Remote management:

management and control have been studied so that the machine is remote controllable in all functions. Working has never been so convenient

Technology 4.0:

The software has been designed by Mamo. It’s continuously updated and in evolution with an interface graphic extraordinarily intuitive.

Productivity control:

the internal software constantly checks and monitors the productivity so that machine efficiency is permanently gauranteed. A real advantage.

Technical features

Maximum spine length 420 mm
Maximum book block thickness 50 mm
Minimum book block thickness 1 mm
Binding productivity with cover 180 books/hour
Work cycle speed adjustment Automatic
Side gluers Yes, adaptive
Book clamp closure adjustment Yes, electric
Notching depth adjustment Yes, electric
Soft covers weight 70 - 500 gr/m2
Hard covers thickness Up to 2.8 mm
Maximum cover size 700 x 420 mm
Power supply 230VAC – 50/60Hz
Electrical absorption 2500 W
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1400 x 634 x 1364 mm
Weight 280 kg

Electrostatic and mobility

Thanks to the ESD wheels, peaks in tension are discharged in a controlled manner, without any consequences. Smart mobility increase worker productivity and more efficient space organization.

Milling and notching:

optimizes and favors the strength of the binding resulting in a better page hold and a higher quality finished product.

Smoke extractor:

this is an exclusive system designed by Mamo, able to be connected up to an external extractor.

Glue tank with side gluer:

favors the precise laying down of glue, both on the spine and on the sides of the book.