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Working has never been so efficient!

Vela is a semi-automatic single-sided laminator with automatic overflow and separator, designed for simple and efficient operation, able to support intensive work cycles. Vela guarantees a wide range of paper sizes and supports materials up to 500 g/m2. With a production capability of up to 7 m/min, it ensures high performance. It can be equipped with the optional high stack suction feeder that allows automatic operations without operator supervision.

Your laminator has never been so modular.

With Vela a perfectly laminated sheet is always guaranteed, thanks to the mechanical pressure with electric activation that allows to start laminating by  simply pressing the start button. It is equipped with hand sheet feeder with  automatic overlapping and automatic bursting system, which allows a smooth  lamination process for the operator. All settings can be managed in few seconds  directly from the intuitive touchscreen display.

Intelligence 4.0

Vela is equipped with an intuitive graphical interface thanks to the 4.3” touchscreen display with the ability to customize all the work-related settings as needed. Among the advantages of the new software it allows to obtain constant production information and to integrate the machine from a “Industry 4.0” point of view. The innovative user interface provides a smooth user experience by guiding the operator to easily set the optimal parameters required for each process.

Remote management:

The management and control have been designed so that the machine can be managed remotely in all its functions. Work has never been so comfortable.

Technology 4.0:

The software was designed by Mamo to be continuously updated and evolving, with an extraordinarily intuitive graphical interface.

Productivity under control:

The internal software constantly monitors and monitors productivity so that the efficiency of the machine is guaranteed permanently. A real plus.

Technical features

Lamination Single side
Max paper width 353 mm
Max laminatin film width 340 mm
Paper length 210 - 999 mm
Paper weight 120 - 500 g/m2
Pressure Mechanic
Sheet feeding system Manual
Overlap Automatic
Working speed up to 7 m/min
Sheet separation Automatic (OPP only)
Power supply 230VAC - 50/60hz
Electrical absorption 900 W
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1937x 722 x1318 mm
Weight 150 kg

Electrostatic and mobility

Thanks to the ESD wheels, peaks in tension are discharged in a controlled manner, without any consequences. Smart mobility increase worker productivity and more efficient space organization

Sheet separation:

Favors the precise laying of laminated sheets, especially when processing double side lamination.

De-curl system:

Significantly improves the flatness of the sheet on single side lamination, ensuring smoother and more professional-looking documents.

Foiling capabilities:

The foil rewinder allows even more flexibility, handling not just lamination but also foil sleeking

don’t call it an

Call it Alo : an optional high suction paper feeder, which makes the creasing process automatic . Alo is so versatile that it can be used on Flecto but also on the Vela laminator. Equipped with precise air flow adjustments that allow to process even the most difficult cards electrostatically charged. The patented suction system optimizes the grip of the sheets, even with slippery papers, and operates with low noise, since it does not require a vacuum pump. Alo can hold sheets up to 999mm in length and a stack height of 150 mm, increasing the versatility of the machine.